I’m 36 years old and just recently renewed my vows to my husband of 10 years. I started training with Bodies By Mack (Mark) in February 2016 weighing in at 156lbs and wearing a Size 8. Marks classes are amazing. He pushed me to do things I didn’t know my body could even handle. I attended Marks classes about 3 maybe 4 times week. That’s only 4 hours a week. With a healthy diet and Marks classes, I was remarried on July 2, 2016 weighing 134lbs wearing a size 4. My wedding dress had to be taken-in 3 times. I had the confidence I needed for not only my Wedding but for my Honeymoon as well.
— Kecia
I’ve been working with Bodies by Mack for the past 3 months. Mack listened to my concerns and took account of the areas that I wanted to target. Being someone who’s never had a trainer, I didn’t know what to expect. Mack took his time and made all the fear I had disappear with his no judgement zone attitude. The results I’ve achieved in this short period is nothing short of amazing. Mack has pushed me way past my perceived limits to get the results I want. Every session I’m accomplishing things I never thought possible. I have incredible energy and flexibility and this is solely due to his extensive knowledge and commitment to his clients. I’m am forever grateful to Bodies By Mack thank you for delivering as promised!!!
— Shanell
I started working with Bodies by Mack since the beginning of his training career, a few years back. At the time, I was only exercising once a week (Sat @ 10am) and my goal was just to slim down a few of the extra pounds left behind by my pregnancy. Once i started seeing results, Mark’s regiment encouraged me to work out more often. I increased my workouts to 3 times per week. I was using the moves and reps learned on Saturdays and applying that to my own workout at my gym. Not only did I reach my goal, but I started to build muscle and tightening up my body; which was pure icing on the cake. Fast forward to now and I am currently in his Bridesmaids Bootcamp — with a goal to NOT wear spanx at my friend’s wedding. I have no doubt that he will get all 7 of us in the best shape of our lives.
— Tay