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About Mack

Hailing from Elizabeth, NJ, Mark “Mack” Brown is a sought after personal trainer, lifestyle coach and the founder of Bodies by Mack fitness boot camp. A highly skilled workout guru, Mack has a natural knack for directing others toward setting a plan, seeing it work and ultimately helping them reach far beyond their goals. His believed philosophy, “strong body, strong mind,” envelopes the idea of “mind over matter” in that if you can train your mind, you can train your body, and coincidently, this equates to self-discipline which is one of the highest powers an individual can withhold.

At the adolescent age of 4, Mack was introduced to the practice of Judo. Through this Japanese modern martial art form, he rapidly began to master the ideology behind demonstrating tremendous stamina and speed which further encouraged him to partake in the sport as a welterweight competitor for over 25 years placing high and winning honorable metals in tournaments such as Liberty Bell and Starrett Cup.

Continuing with his enthusiasm for fitness and a yearning to help others, Mack decided to make his passion his paycheck, and went on to begin Bodies by Mack; boot camp styled workout classes that uplift your mind, body and soul. Based in the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) and Philadelphia area, he leads classes 3-5 days a week teaching routine techniques, customized sets and skills such as core strength and stabilizing muscle techniques to ensuring that the needs of his clients are fully understood and met. Additionally, Mack advises class participants on meal planning options as well as coaches them through at-home regimens to follow.

Since beginning, Mack has been featured on as a trusted fitness expert, and has had the opportunity of running a class for EBONY Magazine’s editorial and digital staffs. He has also partnered with REEBOK to host a number of in-store classes with staff and customers.